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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sync my customers?

If you don't need to manage all of your customers in the app, then you don't need to sync all your customers from Shopify. You can still use the app without enabling the sync settings.

Can I create conditional fields?

Yes, using conditional rules (available on the Pro plan) you can show/hide fields and much more!

Can I use unique registration forms for wholesale and retail customers?

Yes! On the Pro plan you can build up to five unique forms and install one form on your “/account/register” page and another on a new page template such as “/pages/wholesale”.

How long does the install take?

You can install a form on your registration page with just a few clicks! No code required. You can also install on a separate page or other location following our easy-to-follow directions in-app.

Do 'custom input' fields show in the Shopify admin?

Yes! The app automatically saves all custom data to Shopify metafields. Pin metafield definitions to display unique customer data in the Shopify admin.

How do you comply with GDPR?

We comply with GDPR regulations through mechanisms detailed in our Privacy Policy as well as our Data Processing Agreement and the Standard Contractual Clauses contained therein.

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